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Safe Rooms

Shelter Recommended For Max Occupancy Width Length Height Price
Standard Family Safe Room 3-4 Adults 8 People 4 FT 6 FT 6 FT 3 IN*
Large Family Safe Room 5-6 Adults 10 People 4 FT 8 FT 6 FT 6 IN*

*These shelters are prebuilt and generally speaking in stock year round. You can special order other sizes.

  • Standard Family Safe Room

    • Max Capacity: 8 People
    • 6 FT×4 FT×6 FT 3 IN
  • Large Family Safe Room

    • Max Capacity: 10 People
    • 8 FT×4 FT×6 FT 6 IN

Regarding This Tornado Storm Shelter...

"No Deaths & No Injuries, ever..."

Probably the most important thing you could know about this F5-Rated Tornado-Safe-Room is that it has been manufactured by the last 3 generations of the family. Over a sixty year period, we"ve never lost anyone to a storm.

  • It is anchored to the floor with 16,000 Lbs stress anchor bolts every 12 inches.
  • Total Side impact rating for the anchoring system maxes out at 448,000 Lbs.
  • It employs the use of heavy-duty form-fitted steel-plates.

This Safe Room also has a 5 locks locking 1/4 Inch thick plated steel walk in door that is wide enough to allow any wheelchair to enter with ease.

The doors have 7 points of attachment to the shelter; 3 welded hinges and 4 inter-locks, and an uber strong door jam. For ventilation it comes with your choice of 2 or more solid state vents.

  • »FEMA Rated for: 3 to 13 Person
  • »Underground: No
  • »Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

It is a great shelter at a great price...


Hearth 700x110

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