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Safe Rooms

Shelter Recommended For Max Occupancy Width Length Height Price
Standard Family Safe Room 3-4 Adults 8 People 4 FT 6 FT 6 FT 3 IN*
Large Family Safe Room 5-6 Adults 10 People 4 FT 8 FT 6 FT 6 IN*

*These shelters are prebuilt and generally speaking in stock year round. You can special order other sizes.

  • Standard Family Safe Room

    • Max Capacity: 8 People
    • 6 FT×4 FT×6 FT 3 IN
  • Large Family Safe Room

    • Max Capacity: 10 People
    • 8 FT×4 FT×6 FT 6 IN

Regarding This Tornado Storm Shelter...

"No Deaths & No Injuries... since 1954."

Probably the most important thing you could know about this F5-Rated Tornado-Safe-Room is that it has been manufactured by the last 3 generations of the family. Over a sixty year period, we"ve never lost anyone to a storm.

  • It is anchored to the floor with 16,000 Lbs stress anchor bolts every 12 inches.
  • Total Side impact rating for the anchoring system maxes out at 448,000 Lbs.
  • It employs the use of heavy-duty form-fitted steel-plates.

Additionally, the plate steel safe room panels are seam welded from top to bottom to make the shape you see in pictures above. Then a storm safe room cage is created out of the same thickness of steel plates. The cage is then inserted into the safe room"s panel hull and welded in, creating two separate systems for structural integrity.

This Safe Room also has a triple locking double-plated steel walk in door that is wide enough to allow any wheelchair to enter with ease.

The doors have 7 points of attachment to the shelter; 3 welded hinges and 4 inter-locks, and an uber strong door jam. For ventilation it comes with your choice of 2 or more solid state vents.

  • »FEMA Rated for: 3 to 13 Person
  • »Underground: No
  • »Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

It is a great shelter at a great price...


Hearth 700x110

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